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Saving tropical forests and preventing illegal logging and the poaching of wildlife requires a constant presence in the field. Developing alternative economic models around protected areas takes time and a lot of effort. In the end, everything we accomplish is thanks to a highly motivated and extremely dedicated staff.

Effective conservation comes with a price: saving and protecting the last seasonal forests of Belize costs USD 320’000 per year. If you also deem it essential to protect these endangered plants and animals, please support this project ! We are very proud to guarantee that every individual donation is fully and carefully invested in our protected areas, where it is urgently needed.

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Supporting this important project is easy: you can either become a friend of Shipstern, or adopt a hectare of forest or a Belizean animal.

The adoption comes with a nice certificate, and, twice a year, we shall send you our newsletter “Shipstern News”, with the latest from the field.


Would you like to hear more about CSFI and Shipstern from persons who have visited us, know how we operate and/or persons who have worked for CSFI as volunteers?

Check out the portraits below and send the ambassador nearest to you a message with any questions you may have.

John is a zoologist and the curator of Newquay Zoo in Cornwall. He is passionate about nature and animals.

He visited Shipstern extensively during his honeymoon and immediately decided to become an Ambassador to the project. He will be glad to answer your queries and tell you more about his experience at Shipstern.

Urs Kormann is a Swiss biologist who lived for several months at Shipstern and has worked there as a volunteer scientist. He worked on ornithology, botany and many other fields.

He is also an accomplished photographer. Should you have any queries, foremost about science, contact Urs, and he will gladly answer you in German, Swiss-German and English.

Would you like to become an Honorary Ambassador of CSFI?

Whether you are based in or outside of Belize, become an Honorary Ambassador of CSFI: spread the message and help us find more friends of CSFI worldwide ! Please do not hesitate to contact us, wherever you are. We would be glad to tell you more.

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If you are a dedicated volunteer wanting to help in the field, we would be very glad and thankful to welcome you at Shipstern! Unfortunately, due to constant and severe budget limitations, CSFI is not in a position to cover the costs incurred by the hosting of volunteers, and has to ask for a reasonable daily fee to cover food and lodging.

CSFI’s needs vary from foresters with good GIS experience, graphic designers, tourism experts, botanists, zoologists, water quality experts, etc. If you are a postgraduate, please contact us.

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